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smt electronic patch processing production process mode management
Editor: Shenzhen Xingkexun Electronics Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-05-08

1. Management of solder paste printing process

The management of smt electronic patch processing and production process management is firstly the preparation management of smt patch printing:

Point ① requires relevant personnel to be familiar with the technological requirements of the product;

The second point is to formulate the selection, collection and inspection standards of PCB, template and solder paste, such as low temperature application Sn43 / Pb43 / Bi14, Sn42 / Bi58, high temperature, lead-free, high tension application Sn96 / Ag4, Sn95 / Sb5, Sn96 .5 / Ag3.0 / Cu0.5, Sn95.5 / Ag3.8 / Cu0.7, high temperature and high tension, low value applications Snl0 / Pb90, Sn10 / Pb88 / Ag2, Sn5 / Pb93.5 / Ag1.5, If the received PCB is found to be damp or contaminated, it should be cleaned and baked according to the cleaning standards and baking standards;

Point ③, formulate PCB positioning and template installation standards;

Point ④, formulate the job responsibilities and requirements of printing press equipment engineering personnel;

Point ⑤, formulate the job responsibilities and requirements of the solder paste operator;

Point ⑥, formulate the process files for Smt patch printing parameter settings;

Point ,, formulate process standards for solder paste addition;

Point ,, formulate inspection standards;

2. Print management

At point ①, the operation of the printing press and the setting of printing parameters are implemented according to the process file, and a special person is responsible.

Point ②, the addition of solder paste is the responsibility of a special person, and the operator must be trained.

Point ③: Implement the first article trial printing and first article inspection system

Point ④: Establish a process inspection system to inspect each printed PCB. Inspection methods and inspection standards are guided by corresponding process documents

At point ⑤, daily maintenance of the printing press is performed and recorded.

Point ⑥, all actions must be filled in the corresponding record form.

3. Management after printing is completed

When the production of a product is completed or the work of a day is finished, the printing parameters are set to zero, and the equipment such as the template and the scraper are cleaned and placed as required.

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