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Treatment of BGA soldering defects in common smt electronic chip processing
Editor: Shenzhen Xingkexun Electronics Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-05-08

Treatment of BGA welding failure in common SMT patches

(1) The following describes the bad BGA soldering phenomena in common smt electronic chip processing .

a. Blow holes. Holes or circular pits appear on the surface of the solder ball on the Pcb pad.

b. Cold welding. The surface of the solder joint is dull and not completely welded.

c. Crystal fracture. The surface of the solder joint shows a state of glass cracks.

d. Offset. The BGA solder joint is misaligned with the PCB solder pad.

e. Bridging. Solder flows from pad to pad to form a bridge or short.

f. Splash tin. There are tiny solder balls on the surface of the PCB near or between two solder joints.

(2) Diagnosis and treatment of common BGA welding defects

unpleasant sight


deal with

Blow hole

When the SMT chip is reflowed, gas leaks out of the pores in the BGA solder ball

Use XRay to check the pores inside the raw materials and adjust the temperature curve

Cold welding

Insufficient welding heat, exposed solder joints caused by vibration

Adjust the temperature curve to reduce vibration during cooling

Crystal break

When gold is used as a solder pad, the crystal breaks when gold and tin / lead are melted

Gold solder pads are pre-coated with tin to adjust the temperature curve


Inaccurate patch, conveying vibration

Strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the placement machine, improve the placement accuracy and reduce the vibration error


Solder paste, solder balls collapse, poor printing

Adjust the temperature curve, reduce the reflow pressure, and improve the printing quality

Splash tin

Bad solder paste quality, heating up too fast

Check the storage time and conditions of the solder paste, select the appropriate solder paste as required, and adjust

Whole temperature curve

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