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Analysis of safety measures for manual welding of smt electronic chip processing
Editor: Shenzhen Xingkexun Electronics Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-05-08

Analysis of safety measures for manual welding

In smt electronic patch processing , manual soldering is the most common, but some safety measures must be paid attention to during soldering to work more efficiently. The following safety measures need to be taken into account when processing Smt welding.

1.Because the concentration of the chemical substance at the distance of 20 ~ 30cm from the electric iron head is much smaller than the recommended value, you should maintain the correct operating posture when welding. Straighten your waist, sit with your chest up, and do not bow.

2. Lead almost does not evaporate, but since the solder wire is held by the thumb and index finger during operation, the fine powder of the solder will adhere to the fingertips, so it is necessary to develop the habit of washing your hands before meals.

3. When the automatic welding machine is used for smt processing and welding, a large amount of smoke generated by the welding machine covers the room. At this time, you can open the ventilation device before starting operation.

4. When smt processing and welding, especially when the welded wire needs to be disassembled due to repair, sometimes the solder will collapse due to the elastic effect of the wire. Bounced needles can cause accidental injury, so you should wear protective glasses when operating. This must be carried out resolutely.

5. There should be no splash solder on the workbench and the surrounding ground to prevent the solder from sticking to the body or clothes. It should be cleaned at least once a day so that welding can be performed in a clean environment.

6.Because many fluxes or solvents are used for welding, and the electric soldering iron is placed on the workbench to prevent fire.

From an angle of view, an electric soldering iron rack must be provided, and the electric irons must be neatly arranged in an orderly manner.

7.Some people often throw off the excess solder sticking to the electric soldering iron, which not only hurts others, but also soils the ground.

surface. Therefore, an electric iron head cleaner can be placed on the electric iron frame for scrubbing. Or put a wet towel on the operation table, which can also be used to wipe the solder on the electric iron.

8. In addition, when welding in the dry season, you can wear an anti-static bracelet and anti-static work clothes.

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