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Application of ISO 9000 Standard in SMT Chip Processing
Editor: Shenzhen Xingkexun Electronics Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-05-08

First, the establishment of a documented quality management system.

When planning and designing the products processed by the SMT patch , it is necessary to specify who and when to use those procedures and related resources in the form of documents to form a quality plan. The establishment of a documented quality management system should specifically confirm the following:

① Formulate technical specifications and requirements for smt products

② Determine the requirements for process documents and resources that should be established.

③ Confirm the various activities that need to be carried out in order to achieve the product, such as design verification, review and confirmation, process confirmation, product inspection and test, product production or process monitoring and measurement, and acceptance of products at each stage.

④ Establish records needed to prove that each product realization process and intermediate products and final products meet the requirements.

⑤ According to product characteristics and complexity. Factors such as the characteristics and experience of the enterprise clearly define the stages of the design and development process.

⑥ Clearly specify the appropriate review, verification and confirmation activities required at each design and development stage, including the timing of the activities, the participants and the methods of activities.

⑦ Specify the responsibilities and authority of each relevant person in each stage of the activity.

规定 Specify and manage the interface relationships between different organizations (departments, groups) and personnel.

Operation of Quality Management System

①File management

② Staff training. According to different training plans and training content, training for personnel in different positions. Let each employee know clearly the importance of their work to quality management and how to achieve the quality goals of their work.

③ Management of purchased parts and outsourced parts. Different control methods are adopted for different outsourced parts or subcontractors. The supplier selects, evaluates and controls the product according to the established procedures.

④ Production of smt chip processing. The product is produced in accordance with the product specifications. The process regulations, prototypes, packaging requirements, production instructions and other instructions are implemented, and a variety of tooling, fixtures, molds, and auxiliary equipment are planned to be maintained to ensure continuous and stable production of qualified products.

⑤Maintenance and maintenance of production equipment.

⑥ Monitoring and management of production environment.

⑦Quality inspection. Carry out quality inspection according to inspection regulations, inspection standards or technical specifications.

⑧ Product protection. Establish and protect signs about protection, such as moisture. Anti-static and so on, to prevent damage to the quality of smt products.

⑨Product Services. Product release. Delivery, after-sales and other activities are carried out in accordance with corresponding regulations.

Third, the improvement and improvement of the quality management system.

Check and evaluate the implementation process of the quality management system in accordance with the provisions of the quality management system documents.

The above is the application of the ISO 9000 series standards in SMT chip processing and production. Based on the analysis of these related data, the basis for continuous improvement is achieved to achieve the purpose of improving business performance and enhancing customer satisfaction with Jingbang.

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