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Installation of SMT SMT Surface Assembly
Editor: Shenzhen Xingkexun Electronics Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-05-08

Installation of SMT SMT Surface Assembly

The surface assembly is installed and welded mainly by automatic installation and welding (the aforementioned automatic welding methods such as wave soldering and reflow welding). The installation and welding of surface assemblies are mainly divided into two basic process methods, namely solder paste / reflow soldering process and surface mount adhesive / wave soldering process.

1. Solder paste / reflow soldering process

Mainly for the installation and welding of soldering components (SMD), the solder paste / reflow soldering production line is mainly composed of three major equipments: solder paste printing, placement machine and reflow soldering furnace. Its different plug-in components are first plug-in and then soldered. It is first coated with solder paste on the pads of the printed circuit board, and then the components are mounted by a high-precision automated equipment placement machine that integrates light, electricity, gas and machinery. On the pad of the front coating solder paste, the solder paste is finally re-melted by heating in a reflow soldering furnace, so that the chip components are firmly soldered to the pad.

2.SMD adhesive / wave soldering process

When it is necessary to mix and install the chip components and the traditional jack components on a printed circuit board, a chip glue / wave soldering process is used. This process is to first apply adhesive to the space between the pads on the a side, attach the chip components to the a side of the circuit board, and then flip it. Through-hole components on the b-plane, so that the pins and chip components of the through-holes are on the a-plane, that is, the lower board. After the wave soldering, the plug-in and the chip components can be soldered. The SMD adhesive / wave soldering process is inexpensive, but requires a lot of equipment, making it difficult to achieve high-density assembly.

A reasonable assembly process is the guarantee of quality and efficiency. After the surface assembly method is confirmed, the process can be confirmed according to needs and specific equipment conditions. Different assembly methods have different process flows, and the same assembly method can also have different process flows. These mainly depend on the type of materials and the quality requirements of surface treatment.

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