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What are the main material requirements in SMT chip processing?
Editor: Shenzhen Xingkexun Electronics Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-05-08

What are the main material requirements in SMT

SMT chip processing technology materials include solder, solder paste, adhesives and other soldering and patching materials, as well as soldering materials, cleaning agents, heat transfer media and other process materials.

1. Good stability and good reliability. The solder is required to strictly control the content of harmful impurities; the solder paste and flux are required to have low residue and non-corrosiveness; the adhesive is required to have high or low bonding strength to ensure that the chip can not be dropped during the early soldering process, During maintenance is easy to take off the film and so on.

2, can meet the needs of high-speed production. The SMT production process is generally a high-speed automated process, and the process materials should be adapted to it.

3. It can meet the needs of fine-pin equidistance and high-density assembly. Fine-pin pitch and high-density assembly requires finer alloy solder powder in solder paste; better thixotropy and smaller slump of solder paste and adhesive; strict control of solid content and activity in solder, So as not to cause bad phenomena such as bridging.

4, can be full of environmental protection requirements. Many of the traditional SMT process materials contain substances that are harmful to the atmospheric ozone layer and the human body, such as cleaning agents containing chlorofluoro (CFCs) and lead-containing solders. Attaching importance to the research work on harmless SMT process materials is being continuously strengthened.

The current solder is divided into lead-free and lead-based according to the amount of lead, and solder has been gradually replaced by lead-free solder.

Lead-free solder is characterized by reducing the harm of lead to human living environment, has the advantages of high melting point, excellent tensile strength, strong fatigue resistance, and the thermal stability of the flux and the requirements of the welding process and equipment are more high.

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