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What are the factors that affect the cost of pcba foundry materials?
Editor: Shenzhen Xingkexun Electronics Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-09-16

What are the factors that affect the cost of pcba foundry materials?

PCBA foundry is a type of PCBA processing, and it is also a very common method in current patch processing plants. When it comes to controlling costs, purchasing often feels like bargaining, and suppliers feel they have to be bargained again! Nerves on both sides are nervous.

The original intention of management cost is to use the technical means of management cost to reduce waste, reduce costs, and improve the company's competitive position in the PCBA processing market. The so-called management cost is to reduce the cost of various wastes, reduce the cost without value-added, and the interests of one party cannot be traded for a long time.

The cost structure of a product, most of the product planning and design stages have been determined. As it is difficult to find a price reduction space after the product is launched, pcba OEM and procurement needs to actively participate in the impact of product costs before the product is launched. Factor management.

In this article, let's talk about the factors that affect the cost of pcba foundry materials:

1.The versatility of PCBA processing materials

The versatility of materials includes two types:

One is that the material has a common standard in the industry.

The second is that there is no universal standard for this material in the materials industry, which requires customization. In this case, how to improve the versatility of the material.

During the product planning and design phase, product planners and researchers pay more attention to their areas of expertise, such as how to better implement product functions, less consideration of supply chain requirements, and may inadvertently use non-industry standard parts. Non-industry standard parts mean that there are fewer suppliers, or even only one supplier, and the market is in short supply. Materials are usually not in a completely competitive market environment. The supply and cost of procurement is a challenge. Some people may say that when there are common parts in the industry, you can choose the common parts in the industry, but how to solve some orders that require customization? When we come across a project with no industry-ready components, we can try to convert it into an internal common project across company product lines.

Complexity of PCBA processing product portfolio

The complexity of the product portfolio refers, on the one hand, to the number of products the company offers, on the other hand to the same product offering different specifications, models and colors, and many other options.

Some patch factories offer more choices to customers, the more complex their product portfolio means, it means that they must prepare more inventory, even in response to urgent demand changes, while increasing supply elasticity, which usually also Means higher costs. To ensure operational efficiency and price competitiveness, more and more companies now tend to streamline their product portfolios.

Of course, our colleagues who consider the complexity of the product mix must also consider the company's market positioning. The market positioning of some patch processing factories is to provide customers with more choices. For example, I used to support the principle of seams in the business department. As long as there are seams on the wall, they should be pasted. The product line is very complex and the product mix is very complex. The complexity of the product portfolio is directly related to inventory, supply, cost and scrap, and high complexity usually means high cost.

3.The scale of PCBA processing

Large-scale chip processing plants and distribution centers must match the shipments of large products to achieve economies of scale and profitability. Small electronics manufacturers and distribution centers need to correspond to their own shipments. If large wholesales are matched Products that are often unprofitable due to overtime pay, low operating efficiency, failure of machinery and equipment, and maintenance are easily overlooked by everyone.

Therefore, in the selection of PCBA OEM suppliers, it is necessary to consider whether the product shipments and the size of the suppliers match. Wrong matching often means an increase in costs. The cost driver is closely related to the internal and external of the enterprise. When we evaluate whether the material is an industry standard, when we evaluate the complexity of the product portfolio, when we evaluate the size of the supplier, we cannot simply say anything For better or worse, we must analyze the value of these cost drivers. For example, providing multiple product combinations is more complicated and expensive than providing a single product. If the market position of an enterprise is to provide customers with more product choices and it is the core competitiveness of the enterprise, then this increase in cost is valuable.

When we are managing the cost of the PCBA OEM process, the buyer must consider whether the cost increase factor can bring added value to the chip processing plant, and how to find a balance between the added value and the cost. Test for PCBA processing buyers.

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