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What can be improved in PCBA processing to improve efficiency?
Editor: Shenzhen Xingkexun Electronics Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-09-16

What can be improved in PCBA processing to improve efficiency?

In the PCBA processing manufacturing industry, when the customer audits the supplier of the chip processing factory, his audit focus must be on the production process. why? This is the reason. Only with a good process can a good result be achieved. Those well-known pcba processing companies are all good at process management.

How to manage the process? Those who may have done quality control will say, do a good job of on-site management, control plan, change management, etc. These are indeed part of process management. How to clearly explain the systematic management of the process?

Next, let me explain to you.

1. There are eight main contents of PCBA process management, one is the process name, which is easy to understand, such as OQC inspection process. Second, scope is process scope. Other elements corresponding to different ranges are different. For example, you and your wife are cooking at home. If there is already food at home, then you will cook, wash, cut, and cook on the table. The input is already purchased food, Youyanjiang CU seasoning, etc. The output is fried dishes. If you do n’t buy food, you first need to go to the grocery store to buy vegetables, then go home to start cooking, and then enter funds and purchase information. Although the output has not changed, the input and intermediate processes have changed. The remaining six parts are the six elements of process management. No matter how complicated the process is, as long as the six key elements can be listed and managed effectively, there will be no problems in the process. The analysis elements can be divided into content, suppliers, requirements and control methods. The following examples are written only for content, suppliers, and requirements. The control method is left to the reader to think.

1) PCBA processing output

For example, make a mobile phone case, analyze the assembly process, what is the output? The output is the assembly of the mobile phone casing. The process also includes inspection. The output should pass the test to assemble the mobile phone casing, but there should also be corresponding records and process inspection parts records. In addition to confirming the content of the output, it is also necessary to confirm the customer's requirements for the output. For example, in the quality department, the demand process can be completed at one time to meet the customer's requirements, that is, they want to meet the set hours, be packaged after the process, and attach a good process card. The process card can be completed correctly. Rate goals, completion of production tasks as planned, etc.

2) Input is the process of output to the later stage. In business processes, there are generally two types of input: physical input, information input, and control input. It is only necessary to identify who the input provider is and specify the input requirements to develop specific control methods to control him. For example, what is the input of a company's IQC? The supplier shipped more than the goods, IQC needs him to mark correctly, with a shipping report, the packaging meets the company's requirements, the quantity is correct, etc. Generally, the company will send a document to the supplier to tell the manufacturer what kind of requirements your product needs to meet. When submitting the order, it will be printed from the warehouse to IQC. IQC hopes that the information about the documents is accurate and the product can be found quickly according to the submission form. Material inspection standards, general research and development or SQE provide, standard accuracy is required, and items are not omitted.

3) Training and knowledge, such as OQC, the items that need training include equipment, sampling methods, inspection specifications, physical identification of defective products, etc. The corresponding training personnel are generally QA, and the requirements of OQC personnel can pass training and assessment.

4) Working standards.

5) Procedure

6) Equipment and facilities are no longer one by one.

2.The essence of PCBA process management

The essence of process management is two

1) 100% responsible for the production process

2) Continuity of process management.

First, it is especially important to be responsible for the process output. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own work. This is the cornerstone of the company's quality and a guarantee to achieve the company's goals. If the output is not good because of the other 5 factors, so the output is not good, you should be responsible for the output results, do not complain. Managers need to actively sort out and make other factors better. Second, process management is different from project management. Project management is a life cycle. If process management is regarded as a project, it will only be a gust of wind and there will be no steady improvement. Staring at the output and analyzing according to the 80/20 law, PCBA processing continues to improve. This requires continued effort and persistence from the process manager.

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