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What are the advantages of SMT chip processing
Editor: Shenzhen Xingkexun Electronics Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-11-04

What are the advantages of SMT chip processing

SMT chip processing was born with the development of the electronics industry. In recent years, with the development of electronic technology, information technology and computer application technology, the number of SMT chip factories has also increased. The rapid popularity of SMT electronic chip processing is due to Its advantages are as follows: SMT patch processing.png

(1) Compared with the traditional perforated components, the chip components have high assembly density, small electronic product size, and light weight. The area and quality of chip components are significantly reduced and reduced. Generally speaking, the use of SMT electronic chip processing can reduce the volume of electronic products by 60% and reduce the quality by 75%.

(2) High reliability and strong earthquake resistance

Because SMC / SMD has no or short leads and is firmly fixed on the PCB surface, it has high reliability and strong shock resistance. The solder joint defect rate of SMT electronic patch processing is an order of magnitude lower than THT.

(3) Good high frequency characteristics

Because SMC / SMD reduces the influence of the lead distribution characteristics, and the soldering on the PCB surface is firm, the parasitic capacitance and parasitic inductance between the leads are greatly reduced, thereby greatly reducing electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. CE improves high frequency characteristics.

(4) Easy to realize automation and improve production efficiency

Compared with the traditional SMT process, SMT electronic chip processing is easier to achieve automation, improves production efficiency, and is more suitable for automated production. THT requires different insertion machines (Dip plug machine, radial plug machine, axial plug machine, tape conveyor, etc.) according to different components. Each machine needs to adjust the assembly time and the maintenance workload is large. SMT placement processing platform placement machine, equipped with different racks (feeders) and pick-up heads, can install a variety of SMC / SMD, reducing adjustment preparation time and maintenance workload.

(5) Reduce costs

SMT electronic patch processing increases the PCB wiring density, reduces the number of holes, reduces the area, and reduces the function of the PCB layer. These are all reductions in PCB manufacturing costs. Leadless or short lead smc / smd saves lead materials, eliminates the need for shear lines, bending processes, and reduces equipment and labor costs. The increase in frequency characteristics reduces RF debugging costs. Reduce the volume of electronic products, reduce weight, and reduce overall machine costs. Good welding reliability, reducing maintenance costs. Therefore, the application of SMT in electronic products can reduce the total cost of the product by 30% to 50%.

The above are the advantages of SMT electronic patch processing, which not only improves the product quality and processing efficiency of the electronic component processing industry, but also reduces the labor costs and material costs of the enterprise. This is why in a few years there will be a diversified SMT chip factory to do it. In the future, the electronic component processing industry will continue to grow. It is believed that there will be more advanced technology research and development in the field of SMT chip processing.

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