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On the development trend of pcba OEM
Editor: Shenzhen Xingkexun Electronics Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-12-06

On the development trend of pcba OEM

The choice of PCBA foundry materials and processing models for electronic product R & D companies has always been difficult to choose. However, in recent years, domestic electronics research and development enterprises have been impacted by the overall technological improvement worldwide, and the manufacturing industry has begun to move from a rough mode to a fine mode. Enterprises began to focus on improving endogenous strength, focusing all resources on one or two core advantages, thereby winning four or two pounds in the market competition, and winning more with less. The PCBA processing mode can free the company from the electronics manufacturing process and avoid high cost investment in electronic materials procurement, warehousing, outsourcing, logistics and personnel. Compared to the PCBA processing mode, this cost saving is actually Much larger than pcba foundry materials. pcba foundry.png

Around the world, the economy seems to be a precursor to Waterloo, and the Chinese economy is facing unprecedented pressure for transformation. The traditional electronic manufacturing enterprise's processing model of incoming materials is difficult to continue. Due to the increase in external competition pressure and the weakening of the profits of incoming processing of PCBA, the company is struggling. This will inevitably force the company to change to the way of PCBA OEM. However, this change is not easy. PCBA processing requires a long value chain management from circuit board manufacturing, raw material procurement, SMT, testing, logistics, etc. There is bound to be a large management risk, which is not a long-term adaptation to the processing of incoming materials. What it has generally requires several years of accumulated manufacturing experience.

The shift from PCBA processing to PCBA foundry model is not only a natural birth of customers and the market environment, but also a trend promoted by the endogenous power of traditional manufacturing enterprises. The PCBA processing industry is bound to move towards lean production and focus on the quality of service.

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