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What are the electronic components in PCBA processing
Editor: Shenzhen Xingkexun Electronics Co., Ltd. Time: 2018-12-07

What are the electronic components in PCBA processing

PCBA processing is the only way to make circuit boards. The manufacturing process mainly includes the two major processes of PCB circuit board manufacturing and SMT chip processing. Among them, electronic components are indispensable. Electronic components are the basic component of PCBA chip processing. . It is also an important factor affecting the performance and quality of PCBA finished products. So what are the common electronic components in PCBA processing? PCBA processing.png

1. Resistors are electronic components with resistance characteristics, and they are one of the more widely used components in PCBA processing. Resistors are divided into fixed resistors and variable resistors (potentiometers), which play the role of voltage division, shunting, and current limiting in the circuit.

2. Capacitor is also one of the basic components in PCBA processing. It is a storage component of electrical energy. It plays the role of coupling, filtering, DC and tuning in electronic circuits.

3. The induction coil is called an inductor and has the function of storing magnetic energy. Inductive coils in PCBA processing are usually composed of a skeleton, a winding, a shield, and an iron core. 4. The resistance of the potentiometer can change the resistance. During PCBA processing, it is necessary to continuously adjust the resistor within a specified range, which is called a potentiometer. The potentiometer consists of a housing, a sliding end, a rotating shaft, a ring resistor and three lead ends.

5. The PCBA processed transformer consists of an iron core (or iron core) and a coil. The coil has two or more windings. The winding connected to the power supply is called the primary coil, and the remaining windings are called secondary coils. A transformer is a device that converts voltage, current, and impedance. When AC current is present in the primary coil, an AC magnetic flux is generated in the iron core, allowing voltage to be induced in the secondary coil. Transformer is mainly used for AC voltage conversion, current conversion, power conversion, impedance conversion and buffer isolation. It is one of the important parts in the PCBA process.

6. A crystal diode (ie, a semiconductor diode, hereinafter referred to as a diode) is composed of a PN junction, an electrode lead, and an additional sealing shell, and has unidirectional conductive characteristics.

7, crystal transistor is the core device of signal amplification and processing, widely used in pcba chip processing.

8. A field effect transistor is also a semiconductor device with a PN junction. Unlike a transistor, in PCB processing, the conductive characteristics of the PN junction are not used, but its insulation characteristics are used.

9, electro-acoustic device, used to complete the conversion between electrical signals and sound signals in the circuit, is called electro-acoustic device. It has a variety of speakers, microphones, headphones, transmitters, receivers and more.

10. SMT chip processing requires the use of semiconductor light-sensitive photoconductive devices, photovoltaic cells using semiconductor photovoltaic effect and semiconductor light-emitting devices, such as photovoltaic devices.

11. An electronic display device is a photoelectric conversion device that converts an electrical signal into an optical signal, that is, a device for displaying numbers, symbols, text, or images. It is a key component of the electronic display device and has a great influence on the performance of the display device.

12. The sensor patch is very important during PCBA chip processing. The sensor can sense the measurement and convert it into a usable signal device or device according to a certain rule, which usually consists of sensitive elements and conversion elements.

PCBA processing is inseparable from these electronic components, and the performance and quality of electronic components also affect the quality of finished PCBA products. Among them, SMT chip processing and pcb circuit board manufacturing are also very important, especially when operating pcba stickers. Chip processing requires understanding the functional role of each component.

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